Monday, November 12, 2012

I Bought A New Car - Again

I recently was involved in a car accident and totaled my vehicle, so I had to buy a new one.  No this is not a repeat post, but it is kind of like deja vu.  You may recall a very similar situation from just 6 short months before this most recent wreck.

However this story ends much differently.  After my wreck in December I was flying high and awash in unexpected cash (inheritance windfalls, signing bonuses and severance packages) and I threw all fiscal responsibility to the wind and purchased a brand new Audi A5 coupe.  The total price tag after all the bells and whistles and tax was around $52K.

I know.  Ridiculous.  By pretty much any measure there is.  But I paid for it.  I never felt comfortable in that car and didn't really end up liking anything about it.  It was too flashy for me; I couldn't figure out how to use the computer systems (yes, plural); I hated the way people noticed me on the road (particularly cops and parking officials); and I cringed at what my friends clients and colleagues - much less strangers - must think of my values and personality when I rolled up in it.  I wanted to tell everyone that I'd previously driven a 6 year old used Volvo.

So it was actually kind of a relief to get a do-over, not that I'd wish the stress and hassle of another major car collision on anyone.  Thank God no one was injured, and I had only chest pain and soul searching to deal with.

And this time I bought another used Volvo.

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