Monday, November 12, 2012

Attitude and Excuses

Everyone wants to be financially independent, comfortable, rich, it what you will, but everybody wants to have money.  Specifically, most people want to have more money than they currently have.

Interestingly though, many people just don't want to save any of their income.  And guess which desire usually dominates - the desire to spend today or the desire to have lots of money in the bank tomorrow?

Of course very few people admit that they'd simply rather spend every dime they get their hands on (fun and easy!) than set some of it aside for tomorrow (boring and hard!).  Instead they roll out the excuses.  Here are a few I've heard lately:

"I'd save more but...

  • I'm paying off student loan debt."
  • Once I get my next raise/promotion I'll be able to."
  • I'm still buying furniture for my new apartment."
  • I'm too young to worry about that yet."
  • Once I get married we'll start saving together."
  • I'm not earning as much as I thought I would be/as much as my friends make."
  • I'll have money once I get my bonus/inheritance/settlement/sugar daddy."
If you aren't into saving you don't have to worry - there will always be an excuse or three you can use to rationalize your decision not to do so.  

Saving is a habit, as I Will Teach You To Be Rich points out.  It's not something you start one day when you wake up and magically find a bunch of disposable income pouring into your checking account that you just can't figure out what else to do with.  If you don't save when you're young and single, it's highly unlikely you're going to get into the habit later when you have more family obligations and bills. 

Developing good habits is all about your attitude, as GMBMFB explains.  You can blame your parents, teachers, the economy, friends who have it "easier" or the government for your financial situation if that makes you feel better (if weak and dependent and naive).  But the simple fact is that no matter what situation you are in, you have the power to improve it with your habits.  

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