Friday, November 23, 2012

A New Beginning, and the End of a Blog

After just a little over five years of blogging, I have made the decision to end this project/journey/publication known as The World of Wealth.

The frequency of my posts has naturally waned over the last year for various reasons.  I started a new job, I have made many new friends, and I have met the man I plan to marry.  As a result I have been very busy and my mind and efforts have been elsewhere.

In addition, I do not have the freedom to disclose very much about the recent developments in my life - the things about which I would normally relish blogging.  My job is one issue, and I don't want to get into too many specifics there but I am not comfortable blogging about my career in much detail.

The other main factor is that my boyfriend does not appreciate being blogged about.  Out of respect for him I haven't been and won't be adding posts which discuss his habits, his feelings, nor our plans.  That rules out the majority of personal financial issues I am facing and will be facing in the future - moving in together, planning a wedding, setting joint goals.

He is not the only reason that I have chosen to end this blog; as I said my posting has become less frequent over many months before this issue came to light.  However, I do think this is a good time in my life to make this transition.

Where things are added, other things must often fade away.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey and all of the people I have "met" along the way.  Your comments and feedback have comforted me, inspired me, and helped me make major decisions.  This has been a truly surprising and enjoyable experience!

Rest assured that I will be following your blogs and commenting much more frequently in the absence of my own soap box forum to maintain.  I wish you all the best.

In Wealth,

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