Thursday, August 23, 2012

Going in Circles: The Merry-Go-Round Economy

Since the recession ended three years ago, the U.S. economy has felt at times like a roller coaster, ready one moment to fly off into full-blown recovery, then taking a sudden, gut-wrenching plunge back toward recession. But take a wider view, and the recovery has been more like a merry-go-round: plenty of ups and downs, but it never really goes anywhere.
Of course, ?fitful gains,? as the Journal�described�the economy?s progress on Saturday, are better than no gains at all. A month ago, economists were talking seriously about whether the U.S. was headed back into a recession. Now, after a series of encouraging indicators?among them, a better-than-expected�jobs report,�resilient exports�and�strong retail sales?the roller coaster seems to be once again on an upward path. But the focus on the ups and downs can obscure the larger truth: The economy has been stuck more or less in neutral since the recession ended.

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