Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Job Update: Team Grows and Moves

It has been a couple of months since I posted about what is going on at my new job. In short, things are great! Our new office suite was finally finished and we moved in last week. Everything is so new and clean - and our offices are very centrally located so there is a lot of traffic around (and, with all glass walls, lots of pressure to keep things neat, sit up straight and generally always look professional - which I'm struggling with somewhat). It's fun and still kind of weird to get to decide things like where to put the coffee service, to what channel to tune wall TVs and what time we all want to come in and leave every day.

We hired a new assistant who started Monday. She came over from our old company (OK we poached her), so both my boss and I have worked with her for years and already know we'll get along well. She's a bit antsy since for the first time in 10 years she doesn't have hundreds of existing client accounts to help manage, but we'll have her busy in no time. She was surprised when her first assignment was to research and pick out whatever printer/scanner/fax/copier she would like us to buy. It's just the three of us in our new suite - three other team members (two of which are consumer/assistants and who were also just hired) will move to another location soon. What a cozy little department of 6 we make - which is crazy growth considering that I was the second team member hired and I only just started in January.

Oh, and I quit dating my colleague from another department - for now. It lasted about 6 weeks but recently got to the point where we were going to either need to get more serious or let things fade for now, and neither of us was really ready for a "Relationship," particularly due to the work situation. So for now we remain good work friends and still interact daily just fine. With a little secret. :)

Well I suppose that's enough work update for now. Wait, did I mention that I managed to move over my biggest client from my former employer and that I've already exceeded the production goals that were laid out for me for 2012? I really hit the ground running...it's strange to be so engaged at work and to be doing so well so quickly. I kind of keep waiting for the bottom to fall out and to not have any more leads in the pipeline. But the referrals keep coming in, old clients keep finding me, new colleagues are introducing me to their contacts...

In short - so far so good!

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