Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Funemployment Plans: What Should I Do?

I'm currently unemployed. My last job ended yesterday, and my next job doesn't start for at least two weeks - probably closer to four.

So for the first time in nearly six years, I woke up this morning without an office, a boss, a paycheck, or a schedule. My mother is keeping my dogs indefinitely, and so I don't even have to worry about them.

I am almost at a loss. I plan to spend the next few days, maybe even the whole week, getting my life in order here in Dallas. Cleaning, organizing, working out, learning about the features on my new car, establishing a firm start date for my new job and calling a few contacts to let them know, etc.

But then I will have 1-3 weeks to burn before starting my new job. Far too much time to simply waste hanging around. What should I do? Where should I GO?

I've considered a health/spa retreat such as this option: Or I could my own version by simply flying to Cabo or somewhere cheap-but-safe and taking a few days to lay on the beach, work out and be pampered a bit.

Or I could take the chunk of time I'd need to really explore part of Asia or Australia - which I have put off due to not wanting to travel that far if I can't stay for a week or more.

The only problem with traveling abroad right now is that I'd be cutting communication ties at a very delicate time. But as long as I'd have email access I could make it work. I'm tempted to try to start sooner rather than later so I can hit the ground running at my new job. I have a few deals in the pipeline that I could reasonably expect to close in late January or early February if I get over there quickly.

But on the other hand the opportunity to take a real break comes around rarely and I feel I should take advantage of it. My new boss said I was welcome to take a month off and start in February. They are trying to coordinate my start date with another person who probably won't want to start for a few weeks anyway.

Any suggestions?

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